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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Difference between running bootstrap.jar and catalina.bat
Date Thu, 14 May 2009 08:31:58 GMT
Jan Horký wrote:
> Hi,
> I have problem with running my app. When I run Tomcat 5.5 | 6.0 by java -jar
> bootstrap.jar start It works fine, but when I try run it by catalina.bat or
> install as servise I got some class found problems.
> Shortly... Some features of application is based on jaxb1 and I need there
> web servise which is based on jwsdp2 (jaxb2). I put some jars to app/lib,
> some to tomcat/lib and some to java/lib and it works with java -jar
> bootstrap.jar start, but not as service.

When you run Tomcat as a service under Windows, you are really running 
the program "TOMCAT_DIR/bin/tomcat5.exe".  This is a "wrapper" program 
which includes what is needed to run as a Windows Service (catch 
"start/stop service" events etc..).  This wrapper program, in turn, runs 
the java jvm, and this java jvm runs Tomcat.

When you start Tomcat via the "startup.bat" script, you are not using 
this wrapper program.  You run the java jvm directly, and it runs Tomcat.

Ok so far ?

When you run Tomcat from the startup.bat script, there are a number of 
"environment values" which are set by the startup script, before 
starting the java jvm.  Example : JAVA_OPTS, CATALINA_HOME, etc..

When you run the Service wrapper "TOMCAT_DIR/bin/tomcat5.exe", these 
parameters are not set via environment values. Instead they are in the 
Windows Registry.
To modify these parameters, there exists another program, named 
"TOMCAT_DIR/bin/tomcat5w.exe", which is a Windows GUI program that you 
can run, and which allows you to set the startup parameters.

Try it, and see if that already answers some of your questions.

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