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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: problems with mod_proxy (apache 2.2.9) and tomcat ajp connector (6.0.18)
Date Tue, 12 May 2009 22:40:50 GMT
No need to copy me personally, I also get the list.

Michael Biebl wrote:
> Does anyone know, what the actual kernel limits are? Is that an
> absolute number or connection attempts / per timeframe?
> Is there a way to tweak this settings (e.g. via sysctl)?
There I believe you are starting to ask the right questions..
I've asked my own private Debian expert, but he hasn't deigned answering 

> I somehow had the impression from reading docs and tutorial on the
> web, that mod_proxy_ajp is favored nowadays over mod_jk.
> (being more actively developed, more flexible and easier to integrate
> into apache)
> Is that impression wrong?
I'll paraphrase something in some previous post on this list :
I'm now selling hard hats and flak jackets.

I have never used mod_proxy_ajp so I cannot really comment on it.
I have however been using mod_jk for a long time, I am quite satisfied 
of it, and have never seen the type of kernel message you mention.

It is being said, very politely and not by me, that mod_jk has a lot 
more mileage behind it than mod_proxy_ajp, and that consequently mod_jk 
may be more stable than mod_proxy_ajp which, maybe, despite its rapid 
improvement in recent versions, still may have some teething problems to 
work through.
This is purely hearsay and speculative, you understand ?

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