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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Tomcat Language
Date Fri, 08 May 2009 20:08:19 GMT
Caldarale, Charles R wrote:
>> From: A A []
>> Subject: Re: Tomcat Language
>> Checking java variables with and jsp in each tomcat, we see that
>> java.text.DateFormat.getInstance() returns mm/dd/yy in the english
>> manager and dd/mm/yy in the spanish manager.
>> Any suggestion?
> Examine the system properties in each Tomcat instance; this can be done with JConsole,
but installing Lambda Probe makes it easier.  Compare the two sets for differences, especially
the and user.language settings.
> This happened to one other user a few months ago, and was found to be caused by a webapp
setting those variables on the fly (as I recall).  Since they're global, it affected everything
in the JVM.
As I am this other user, I confirm (except that in my case the Tomcat 
Manager started talking German one day, not Spanish).
As I recall, at some point we added a webapp, which was setting (for 
itself basically) the and user.language properties when it 
was loaded.  Since you cannot really control the order in which Tomcat 
loads the various webapps, it was a bit random as a result.
If you have a webapp that sets these properties, remove it temporarily, 
restart Tomcat, and check if that changes the Manager language.

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