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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Tomcat Configuration in Eclipse
Date Wed, 06 May 2009 06:37:46 GMT wrote:
> It appears apparent that Tomcat is running as a service on my
> Windows.
Right-click on the "My computer" icon and choose "Manage"
In the panel that appears, navigate to "services" (on the left side)
When you click on that, on the right side appears a list of services 
installed on your PC.
In that list, you should find "Apache Tomcat".
Right-click on that item, and in the pop-up menu, choose "stop".(*)
That should stop the service.
Now right-click on the item again, and choose "Properties".
One of those properties is "startup", which gives you a choice of 
"automatic", "Manual" or "disabled". Pick "Manual".
Now Tomcat will not start automatically anymore at each reboot.

If you want it to run later as a service, there are 2 ways :
- either follow the procedure above again, and instead of "stop" (at the 
place marked by *) choose "start".
- or, open a command window, and enter : net start "Apache Tomcat"

Another tip :
If you open a command window, and enter just "net start", you will get a 
list of running services, with their names according to Windows.
The name that appears as "Apache Tomcatxxx" is the name to use with 
these "net start" and "net stop" commands.

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