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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Redurect URL From Tomcat to IIS
Date Sat, 02 May 2009 15:29:09 GMT
akkad wrote:
> i have 2 web servers, one is apache tomcat v6, and the other is IIS v6, both
> are on the same network, 
> the tomcat server is directly connected to the internet and also it has dhcp
> which assign the IIS server 
> IP address, what am looking for is that when apache has an http request like
> http://tomcatserver/index.html
> then it will responses its index.html, but if it will receive a request like
> http://iisserver/index.html then tomcat
> should forward the request to the IIS server and then receive the response
> from the IIS and redirect it to client
> whom issued the request, so in short words, am wondering if tomcat is
> capable to translate the requested URLs
> and redirect them to a specific IP/Port, i read about connectors but am not
> sure if apache connectors is what 
> really am looking for, any suggestions?

I don't really understand that bit above about "..and also it has dhcp
 > which assign the IIS server..".

So ignoring for the moment the part about DHCP..

What it sounds like you want to do above, is make Tomcat act as a proxy 
server for the IIS server.
I don't think Tomcat can do that (easily), and in any case it is not 
something that Tomcat is really optimised to do.

What you should probably use in this case, is "something else" that sits 
in front of Tomcat /and/ IIS, and distributes the requests to the 
appropriate back-end.
You could do that easily with an Apache httpd server.

client -->  Apache httpd  -->  "tomcatserver/index.html" ? --> Tomcat
                           -->  "iisserver/index.html" ? --> IIS

In Apache, you could use mod_proxy to forward what needs to be forwarded.

You could also turn things around, and have your IIS server in front, 
forwarding to Tomcat when needed.

Apache/Tomcat connectors, or IIS/Tomcat connectors, are modules that sit 
at the level of a HTTP server front-end (Apache or IIS), and forward 
requests to Tomcat (back-end).
The "AJP redirector" (for IIS), the "mod_proxy_http" and "mod_proxy_ajp" 
and "mod_jk" modules (for Apache) are such Connectors.
For example, in the "schema" above, they are at the level where you see 
"tomcatserver/index.html ?".
But they do not redirect from Tomcat to something else, it's the opposite.

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