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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Filtering URL via tomcat
Date Fri, 01 May 2009 16:19:33 GMT
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Some things aren't adding up:

> (anyone/guests can see this page)
> (only logged in user can
> see this page)


> the root of my site reside in appache httpd server
> so i have folder structure like
> mysite/public_html/audio
> mysite/public_html/app/audio/download
> in my httpd conf i have something like this
> JkMount /app/audio/download/* ajp13w

You have JkMounted /app/audio/download but your URLs above suggest this
should be /audio/app/download/abc.html. That's strange.

You have your webapp in a directory called "mysite" but the context name
is "app". That's strange.

On 4/27/2009 2:26 PM, Ravi Sharma wrote:
> is a html being served by httpd
> correctly
> then when i try to access
> get following error
> on browser
> *Type* Status report
> *message* */app/audio/download/abc.html
> **description* *The requested resource (/app/audio/download/abc.html) is not
> available.**

Sounds like this is a Tomcat error. Are you attempting to serve
/app/audio/download/abc.html from within Tomcat? If so, is that file
(abc.html) actually deployed as part of the web application?

I think it would be helpful to post more of your httpd configuration and
the output of 'find' in your webapp's root directory.

Another question: why are you implementing your own authentication and
authorization instead of using those built-in features of Tomcat? Seems
like re-inventing the wheel...

> There are no errors in catalina.out(and this is the only file in logs dir of
> Tomcat)

catalina.out will not contain errors like "file not found". If you want
to see what requests are being served, you'll want to enable the
AccessLogValve. See for details.

- -chris
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