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From Leon Brouwers <>
Subject RE: Tomcats stops on Apache restart
Date Tue, 07 Apr 2009 07:10:48 GMT

> > So I don't think the problem is somewhere in the way we restart
> > apache. Do you have any other ideas on how to debug this?
> - Does it happen always, when you restart/stop httpd?

No, it doesn't. It sometimes does. For instance we have a scripts which rotates the apache
logfiles once a month. I think we have about 50 tomcats (distributed across a number of servers)
of which 3 went down last month after the logfile rotation (which uses the kill -HUP command
explained earlier). Also when we restart apache by hand (after configchanges) this sometimes

> - Does it happen at the exact same time?

No. It also happens after config changes which are made a random times.

> If so, you can start strace against the Java process and stop httpd.
> Then check in the strace output (write to a file), whether you can
> either see a signal sent, or a connect on the Tomcat shutdown port.
> A slightly similar thing I once saw was people starting Tomcat
> interactively with a shell, that did not have job control and sent some
> signal to all child processes, when the user terminated the shell,
> resp. logged out (I think it was ksh on Solaris at that time).

I will try and obtain more logging. Seeing it happens at undetermined times this might prove
to be challenge by itself.

Regards Leon

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