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From Peter Crowther <>
Subject RE: Problem with maximum threads
Date Tue, 21 Apr 2009 12:20:57 GMT
> From: connossieur []
> The application doesn't have problems as I tested it with
> Visual VM (profiler for java 6) on Windows.

OK.  You've done more research than most, then - we get a lot of people blaming Tomcat as
the first thing they do, so we tend to have some well-developed "check your code!" reflexes.

> Anyways, can there be problem with Tomcat?

It's pretty stable.  But no code is ever 100% guaranteed bug-free, despite what we might like,
so there always *can* be a problem :-).

6.0.9 is quite old now; the current version is 6.0.18, and there have been a number of bugfixes.
 How tied are you to the old version - can you update and see whether that resolves the issue?

> I mean, I have limited the number of threads, still tomcat
> spawns more than 1000 threads?

This is where that thread dump comes in.  *Something* is spawning threads - rather than guess
what's doing it, let's get some evidence of what they're doing?  Then we stand a better chance
of working out what's spawning them.

                - Peter

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