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From Peter Crowther <>
Subject RE: Installing Tomcat
Date Wed, 08 Apr 2009 16:24:39 GMT
> From: Jonathan Mast []
> I'm trying to get Tomcat 6 running on a RedHat box.
> I don't want to build deamon with jsvc as the docs say I
> should do, at least
> not yet.  Is this the extent of the official documentation
> for setting up Tomcat on Linux?

You don't say what "this" is, so we can't help you.

> I installed JDK 6 and Tomcat 6, defined JAVA_HOME and
> TOMCAT_HOME and setup
> have a Host and Context in server.xml for  I invoke
> start and get a process running, but I can't reach mysite.

*Exactly* how are you trying to reach it?  From what computer, and what are you trying as
the address?  If it's, have you changed your hosts file or DNS so that it points
to your computer rather than off into the Internet?

What happens if you browse to http://localhost:8080?

> I should say that apache httpd 2.0 is already running on this
> machine and my
> is reachable there, so I figured
> would
> take me to tomcat.  Is that a correct assumption? IE. Should
> I be able to by httpd by tacking :8080 onto the url?

If you still have a default server.xml, this should work.  However, you've changed your server.xml.
 You haven't bothered to post your new one, so we can't tell whether this would work or not.

> If I kill apache httpd (I have no intention of using it going
> forward), will
> updating server.xml with port 80 rather than port 8080
> automagically get
> everything to work, or is there other stuff I need to do
> before Tomcat will
> run as a standalone webserver?

With the default server.xml, simply changing 8080 to 80 (and ensuring the process at least
starts as root, which is why jsvc is so important) will be all you need to do.  With your
server.xml?  Nobody on the list will have any idea.

Give us some more information, please - we're not psychic!

                - Peter

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