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From Juha Laiho <>
Subject Re: GC Problem
Date Wed, 29 Apr 2009 18:46:53 GMT
S Arvind wrote:
> Yeah daily atleast once Out-of-memory will raise and we will restart the
> tomcat.

As others have already said, this has all the symptoms of a memory leak.

It could be Tomcat, but more likely is your application. The continuous
GC is a sign of the Java VM running out of memory assigned for it, and
desperately attempting to find something to throw away.

In an ideal case you'll have almost linear correlation of amount of
Java heap memory assigned and amount of time your application remains
working properly.

And I second the notion that YourKit is a good tool for finding out which
objects are eating up the memory (and also, what is the reference chain
through different objects to the ones accumulating -- so you'll have
easier time to find out where the references could and should be cleaned up).


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