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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: SSL issues with Tomcat - OutOfMemory
Date Tue, 28 Apr 2009 21:38:12 GMT
Chris Stewart wrote:
> I put Lambda Probe ( on the web
> server to monitor some of the memory usage.  Here's what I'm finding
> after 20 minutes of running.  Keep in mind this is without SSL enabled.

Something I should have asked before - exactly what was out of memory when you
saw the OOME?

> Name         Used     Committed     Maximum    Initial     Group
> Tenured Gen 129.73Mb     138.86Mb     945.25Mb     118.19Mb     HEAP
> Perm Gen     45.88Mb     46.00Mb     64.00Mb     12.00Mb     NON_HEAP
> Survivor Space 957.74Kb     1.13Mb     7.88Mb     960.00Kb     HEAP
> Code Cache 12.19Mb     12.22Mb     32.00Mb     192.00Kb     NON_HEAP
> Eden Space 6.75Mb     9.38Mb     63.00Mb     7.94Mb     HEAP
> Total 195.48Mb     207.58Mb     1.09Gb     139.25Mb     TOTAL
> Everything is running fine at the moment but I'm a little concerned
> about Perm Gen and the space we have allocated for it.  I imagine that
> it's possible, with SSL enabled, that the space is being used up.  Is
> there enough overhead with SSL to have this scenario?  I did some
> reading on Perm Gen and we do use an extensive about of Hibernate in
> this application, and it's JSF based.

You really need to look at this with SSL enabled.


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