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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: SSL issues with Tomcat - OutOfMemory
Date Tue, 28 Apr 2009 14:56:41 GMT
Chris Stewart wrote:
> Over the weekend we added SSL security to a Tomcat 6 instance that has
> been running for awhile without error.  This morning, after the number
> of sessions increased on the machine, Tomcat began throwing 500 errors
> to users.  I checked the logs and found an instance of OutOfMemory,
> followed by dozens of errors related to Google Guice attempting to
> start new threads.  I can only image that with the addition of SSL,
> more memory is being used by more threads being created, or some such
> situation.  I'm not terribly sure where or how the extra resources are
> being used.
> I was hoping that those with the experience of using SSL on Tomcat
> could point me in some direction on places to look for clues.  At the
> moment I'm not sure where the issue could be.  Here are a few of the
> statistics about our setup and configuration:
> -XX:ThreadStackSize=512
> Initial Memory Pool: 128MB
> Maximum Memory Pool: 1024MB
> Thread Stack Size: 512KB

Tomcat version? OS vendor/version? OS memory? JVM vendor version? Connector
settings in server.xml?

> I've been adjusting these in various ways to attempt to at least find
> a path towards success.  So far, about 5 minutes after the server is
> restarted the performance begins to plummet.

Grab yourself a profiler and see what is using the memory.


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