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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Why we need two servers (httpd and tomcat)
Date Mon, 27 Apr 2009 23:28:01 GMT
Robin Wilson wrote:
> For the record, my answer was neither stupid or reflexive. 

And for the record, I personally did not think it was either.

I agree with Leon when he says that some people just automatically put 
an Apache in front of a Tomcat when they don't really need to, just by 
habit or because they've found a configuration to copy, and without even 
thinking about whether they really need it.  Or maybe just because the 
server comes that way pre-installed.
Then they add a
JkMount /* ajp13

Or they configure a load-balancer to balance one single back-end..

Or they set Apache's DocumentRoot to the Tomcat webapps directory, just 
because it's easier and this way all the links work (usually in even 
more ways than they expect).

On the other hand, I also believe, contrarily to Leon, that there are 
plenty of practical cases where running some back-end Java applications 
on a Tomcat server is necessary, but is not the main purpose of the 
site, and thus having an Apache httpd in front comes in very handy or is 
necessary.  And provided you know what you're doing, the additional 
overhead due to mod_jk is going to take 100 years to overtake the cost 
of two days of trying to figure out how to do the same in Tomcat.

It also depends very much on the skills at hand.  Given a certain 
problem, the "right" solution will be different depending on whether you 
have a staff of mostly java-oriented people, or not.

So this was not a flame, just an attempt at restoring some balance which 
I felt was a bit upset by Leon's diatribe.

Thus, to the original poster : I believe that by now you should have a 
relative balance of arguments allowing you to decide when one needs only 
Apache httpd, only Tomcat, or a combination.

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