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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Installing problem : Tomcat
Date Sun, 26 Apr 2009 17:42:39 GMT
parin123 wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> I am trying to install Tomcat on Ubuntu Linux and here is the problem....

I am taking advantage of the fact that Chuck is on holiday, and maybe 
not  watching this forum with his accustomed eagle eye.

Considering that this is Ubuntu, and considering that as I believe 
Ubuntu is relatively close to Debian, I would recommend that you just 
use the Tomcat package available through "apt-get install tomcatx.x.", 
and save yourself a lot of aggravation.

Explanation and caveats :

There are two schools of thought :

One school recommends that you always install Tomcat from the official 
Tomcat site.  That has the following advantages :
- you will get the latest version
- all the Tomcat files get installed under one single directory
- you will be able to get better support on this forum
But it has the disadvantage that you will in the future not be able to 
use the Ubuntu-specific facilities to de-install/upgrade your Tomcat easily.

The other school recommends (for some platforms) to install packages 
using the platform-specific utilities (like apt) to install and manage 
all packages, including Tomcat.  That has the opposite 
avantages/inconvenients to the above.

The problem for later support of that solution on this forum, is not 
that people here are unwilling to help, but that it is more difficult 
for them to help, because they cannot know, for all the different 
platforms, where these platform-specific packages install the Tomcat 
files, or what they put exactly in them.
It can also be the case that some of these pre-packaged versions are 
"broken".  My personal experience so far with Debian has been quite 
good, and I never had problems installing and running Tomcat from these 

Anyone's mileage may vary.

If you would like guidance, I can provide some, based on Debian.

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