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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Access Deny of Tomcat
Date Wed, 22 Apr 2009 20:18:48 GMT
FreddieWeng wrote:
> I'm using Tomcat 6.0.18, which was downloaded from, with
> jvm 6.0.07 on Windows XP.

Which one did you download and install ?
In Tomcat 5 .. Binary distributions .. Core..
there are 2 : a "zip" version, and a Windows Installer.
Which one did you download and install ?

> I was just trying to see if Tomcat works.

Check first if it is running.
If you installed the Windows Installer version, then in the "Windows 
Services" part of your control panel, you should see a service "Apache 
Tomcat", marked as running.  True ?

> I created a new directory in the Tomcat home directory, 
That's not the right place.

and then tried to
> use IE in a client to see the file info within that directory, but failed.
What URL did you enter in IE, and what happened ? What message did you 
get in IE ?

> No firewall was using.
> I'm wondering if I have to change something settings in Tomcat Server first,
> e.g. provide access authority to specific clients?

> thanks very much in advance~~
> Caldarale, Charles R wrote:
>>> From: FreddieWeng []
>>> Subject: Access Deny of Tomcat
>>> I'm a new comer to Tomcat and your help is very appreciated~~
>> What version of Tomcat are you a newcomer to?  (That's the first piece of
>> information that should appear whenever you start a new discussion
>> thread.)  Also, what JVM are you using, and what platform are you running
>> on?  Did you install a Tomcat download from, or did you
>> get it from some 3rd party?
>>> I tried to connect to directories in Tomcat server 
>>> from some client.
>> What does "connect to directories" mean?  Tomcat is a server for webapps;
>> what webapps have you deployed?  What are you trying to "connect" to? 
>> What is the mechanism you're using to "connect"?  Do the examples that
>> come with a standard Tomcat work?
>> Do you have a firewall blocking access?
>>> Do you have any idea of how to fix this problem?
>> Not until you describe what you're actually trying to do.
>>  - Chuck
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