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From Liraz Siri <>
Subject Re: Announcing new Apache Tomcat installable Live CD appliance
Date Mon, 20 Apr 2009 20:25:19 GMT
Christopher Schultz wrote:
> I would argue that "A" is best achieved by a hardware load balancer
> rather than Apache httpd, "B" is actually /not/ achieved by the addition
> of Apache httpd (more components means more complexity which means
> higher maintenance costs), and "C" is served perfectly by Tomcat alone.
> If I were you, I would provide a Tomcat-only "appliance" and a separate
> "load-balancer" appliance that could be trivially combined to achieve
> all your goals.

Quite right. We forwarded some of the feedback we received on the list
to some of the people consulted with and it seems there was a
misunderstanding on our part. It doesn't make sense for the load
balancer and Tomcat to be in the same appliance. We'll be fixing that in
the next version.


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