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From Liraz Siri <>
Subject Re: Announcing new Apache Tomcat installable Live CD appliance
Date Mon, 20 Apr 2009 09:19:40 GMT
Leon Rosenberg wrote:
> Apparently you haven't consulted any tomcat-using java developers, since

That's sort of why we posted to tomcat-users. We're not Apache Tomcat
experts ourselves, so we figured the community would have some good
feedback on our first stab at a Tomcat appliance.

> tomcat standalone performs better in most setups (yes, yes sendfile
> myth is there too, but the performance measurements shows that tomcats
> plain old java connector performs better)

Ah. We seem to have been misinformed.

> If you are really looking for a useful load-balanced appliance check
> for keepalived or pound.

Thanks for the feedback. Really, this is exactly what we need to improve
the next version.

If anyone else has any feedback on our beta appliance or good ideas for
the next version, speak up!


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