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From Liraz Siri <>
Subject Re: Announcing new Apache Tomcat installable Live CD appliance
Date Mon, 20 Apr 2009 08:17:16 GMT
Christopher Schultz wrote:
> On 4/13/2009 1:55 PM, Liraz Siri wrote:
>> We're proud to announce the release of TurnKey Apache Tomcat, an
>> installable live CD of Apache Tomcat that can run on real hardware in
>> addition to most types of virtual machines (e.g., VMWare, VirtualBox,
>> Parallels, Xen HVM). It is designed to provide users with a
>> pre-integrated, auto-updating, turn-key operating system environment
>> that is carefully built from the ground up with the minimum components
>> needed to run Apache Tomcat with maximum usability, efficiency, and
>> security.
> If your goal was a minimal set of components, why did you choose to
> include Apache httpd + mod_jk, neither of which are required to run Tomcat.

You're right Chris, you don't _need_ Apache, and therefore mod_jk to run
Tomcat. Tomcat can listen (and does by default, though we turned it off
for security reasons) and answer requests directly.

OTOH, we consulted with a few Java people who told us you usually (in a
production setting) want a load-balancer (eg. Apache) in front of your
Tomcat node[s] to:

A) improve performance
B) make the setup easier to maintain
C) provide a way to serve static content

In the future we might create a more minimal Tomcat node appliance to
which a front-end load balancer appliance could offload traffic, but
that needs more thought...


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