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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: What Tomcat presentations / demos / discussions do you want to see at ApacheCon US 2009?
Date Thu, 16 Apr 2009 17:14:22 GMT
Mark Thomas wrote:
> Rainer Jung wrote:
>> On 16.04.2009 12:44, Mark Thomas wrote:
>>> Gregor Schneider wrote:
>>>> - Concerning how often questions regarding mod_jk are showing up in
>>>> the list: mod_jk - HowTo / Best practices
>>> Any takers for presenting this?
>> Not sure, whether this is too specific for ApacheCon, but yes, if there
>> is interest, I could give the talk. I'll submit a proposal and let the
>> committee decide :)
>> Concerning the proposal about a joined talk for httpd and mod_jk reverse
>> proxy solutions: putting all this into one slot will be very dificult.
>> Then we would need to keep it an overview thing and again people might
>> not get the answers they are seeking (to many "it depends" without
>> really explaining how you decide).
>> So I prefer to do either a more specific talk (like one on mod_jk), or
>> we would need two adjacent time slots. The latter gives maybe to much
>> precious time ressources to this topic.
> How about a BOF session one evening where we can have more of a discussion?
Hi guys.

I realise that this is a discussion on the Tomcat list, and that the 
subject of ApacheCON presentations was brought up by Mark.
Also, I'm probably not going to personally attend ApacheCON US (a bit 
far and expensive), so my suggestion is purely platonic. (*)

This being said/written, there was a specific reason why I was 
suggesting this topic as both broad, and involving httpd as well as 
Tomcat experts, (and of course connector experts to sit in-between them).
But it may depend on the kind of expected attendees of an ApacheCON US 
conference, of which I have no idea.

The reason for the broadness is as follows :

I believe that there are many more users/sysadmins/integrators of Apache 
httpd and Tomcat, than there are developers in each specific area.
And, going from the users mailing lists of both Apache httpd and Tomcat, 
the first kind of question which the first category has, are broad 
questions of the kind : "I would like to set up a configuration such 
that users call up URLs like so and so, and this results in requests 
being forwarded/balanced so an so to 3 backend Tomcat applications with 
URLs like so and so.  What do I need to use for that ?".
And what they are looking for, is some criteria and guidance as to what 
to choose among the different techniques available among the ones that 
exist within the broad Apache (ASF) palette (and maybe even outside of 
it), to get the job done.

Not to say that there would not be a need for some session dedicated to 
  drilling deeper into the pings and pong timeouts of mod_jk per se, but 
it's a different kind of issue, and different kind of presentation than 
what I had in mind.

I attended ApacheCON in Amsterdam, and loved it.  The sessions which I 
attended were extremely interesting and they were of the 
one-intensive-subject kind.  One mildly frustrating aspect however, was 
that often there were several subjects I was interested in, but I could 
not go to all of them because the interesting sessions (for me) were 
often simultaneous.
On the other hand, I was a bit surprised that there were basically no 
sessions (or very few) where several of these ASF tools were presented 
together in combination, as a means to an end.

My proposal was something in that direction. I realise that considering 
the breadth of scope of the ASF projects nowadays, it is not possible to 
  cover them all in one session, never mind finding the universally 
competent speakers.  But the httpd+connector+Tomcat combination seems to 
be an almost ideal case, as it probably also represents 75% of the 
real-world configurations out there.

Maybe a 2-hour session toward the beginning of the conference, to 
provide some general orientation, to be followed later on by sessions 
more dedicated to one aspect, when people see more clearly what they 
want or need.

That wasn't really a 3-sentence summary, was it ?


(*) Although if someone suggested that I participate as moderator to the 
session, and offered to pay my travel expenses, I might possibly find a 
slot in my busy schedule.

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