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From Alan Chaney <>
Subject Re: new installation uid / pwd problem
Date Thu, 09 Apr 2009 18:28:36 GMT
Hi Ron

Ronald G. Belcher wrote:
> I'm a newbie who just installed Tomcat 5.5.  Installation messages told 
> me the userid was tomcat55.  When I attempted to view "Status", "Tomcat 
> Administration", or "Tomcat Manager" from my browser, I was asked for a 
> userid and pw.  Of course, not knowing the password, I was treated to a 
> message that said "Access to the requested resource has been denied".  
> Now I can't seem to do anything to get past the error, not even 
> rebooting and/or restarting Tomcat.  Help!  Ron

Please specify: tomcat version, jdk version, operating system version.

Did you install tomcat by downloading from the site? 
or is it a linux distro version. If the latter, then probably best to 
install the proper version. You won't get much help on 
this list unless you do...

To give you some guidance on your specific problem above

which will explain amongst other things that the 'default' security 
realm is controlled by a file called tomcat-users.xml in the 
$TOMCAT_HOME/conf directory.

You will need to edit that file and then restart tomcat. You will also 
need to read (most) of the documents carefully. I guess you've got the 
linux distro because it would be much better to start with the currrent 
release version (6.0) than 5.5


Alan Chaney

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