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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Newbie Question with Apache Tomcat v6.0.18 in Windows XP SP2.
Date Tue, 07 Apr 2009 20:49:06 GMT
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On 4/7/2009 4:34 PM, Phillip Pi wrote:
> I was asked to set up a Tomcat's proxy server in Windows (using XP SP2). 

Question 1: What is "Tomcat's proxy server"?

Are you talking about using another web server out in front of Tomcat?
That would make sense given the steps you've taken:

> 1. Installed the required latest Sun's JRE v6u13.
> 2. Downloaded and installed 

> (Apache Tomcat Core). 
> 3. Saw Apache Tomcat's system tray icon. I opened it up to see its 
> screen, but did not seeing anything about proxy.

Tomcat does not run its own proxy or anything like that. If you want to
run another web server in front of Tomcat, you'll have to install and
configure /that/ web server.

It sounds like you're trying to set up Apache httpd (which is a web
server) so that it proxies (some?) traffic to Tomcat. Where is Tomcat
already running? If it's already running on another box, and this new
Windows machine is intended to be the "proxy", then your first step is
to uninstall Tomcat. Really.

Next, download Apache httpd (you can find it here: The latest version is 2.2.11. Get
the windows binary and install it.

Now, you'll be able to find things like httpd.conf (part of Apache
httpd). You will want to configure a module called mod_proxy_ajp or
mod_proxy_http (use the 'ajp' one if you want to use the binary
connector or the 'http' one is you want a plain-text connector... which
one should you use? it depends...).

Basically, your configuration should look like this, in httpd.conf:

ProxyPass [path to proxy] protocol://host/remote path

For instance, if you were running Tomcat on a server called "scratchy"
and your web application's context path was "/itchy" and you had an HTTP
connector running in Tomcat on port 8080, then this would be an
appropriate setup:

ProxyPass /itchy http://scratchy:8080/itchy

On the other hand, if you were using the binary protocol on port 8009
and everything else were the same, you would do this:

ProxyPass /itchy ajp://scratchy:8009/itchy

This should be enough to get you to ask a /lot/ of other questions. ;)

Good luck,
- -chris
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