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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Help with a Tomcat issue???
Date Mon, 06 Apr 2009 19:45:25 GMT
Jason Smith wrote:
> Just Tomcat, no proxy.  
> And I agree, that isn't the way you'd want to fix it ultimately, but I was experimenting
to find out what worked.  You'd ultimately like to not see the '0' at the beginning of the
buffer.  I found the place where it was getting copied to the beginning of the buffer, but
I can't figure out the logic behind the code.  Too many micro opts (it's fast!).
> What did NOT work was simply subverting the copying of the data and setting the buffer
length to 0, as is normally the case.  There are apparently some instances where .nextRequest
must copy the data from one buffer to the next.  I tried.  Things didn't work so well after
that...  :-)  I mentioned one of those in the previous email.  
> But again, I am not yet familiar with this part of the Tomcat code.  So I am probably
missing something fairly obvious.

So, how about some simple code to demonstrate the problem?


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