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Subject Re: webapp stopped default to a 404 not to a 503 ?
Date Mon, 06 Apr 2009 10:12:27 GMT
killbulle wrote:
> Hi
> i'am  actually fighting with a modjk/tomcat 404 issue
> if a webapps is stopped it returns a 404 not a 503 so i ihave to configure
> 404 as a KO error for the modjk
> but 404 is a current code for some stupid css ressource or html page miss
> so i ask myself why not a 503 web the webapps is stopped 
> Regards marc

HTTP 503 is intended to indicate a temporary problem with a service, so
if you've actually stopped an application (instead of restarting) this
error shouldn't apply.

Then, because the webapp is stopped the requests fall into the URL space
of the default/another application (e.g. ROOT), which does not contain
resources at those URLs.


Tomcat version, JVM version, OS version...

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