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From Michael <>
Subject Re: HTTP Connector GZIP compression
Date Sun, 05 Apr 2009 20:20:41 GMT
Caldarale, Charles R wrote:
>> From: Michael []
>> Subject: Re: HTTP Connector GZIP compression
  >> Checked, the server.xml remains the same. I did not alter
>> It except the invalid attribute. The same happens for CSS too.
> Did you restart Tomcat after making the change?  Are you sure you're actually using the
server.xml you think you are?

Yes, I am absolutely sure.

>> The simple reason is that I have disabled compression 
>> completely and the uncompressed size is 72 726 bytes.
> No, that's the size of the .jsp file - that has little relevance to the size of the generated

Right, but my jsp contains lorem ipsum only, so plain text only. But 
this makes absolutely sense since JSP is dynamic and the final size is 
not known before is it is send to the user.

I created a minimal server.xml ans started tomcat with the Tomcat 
service under Windows.

This is the new server.xml:
Additionally, I have created several files which should or should not be 
compressed, threshold 40 KiB, which should *always* work with all non 
dynamic content.

This is the output of Firefox with Fiddler: (plain text).

To be perfectly honest, only JSP compression seems to be predictable, 
the rest aboslutely not. What's wrong here.

Thanks again,


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