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From Roy McMorran <>
Subject Re: Session Replication in Cluster
Date Fri, 03 Apr 2009 21:32:52 GMT
János Löbb wrote:
> If You look the >>values<< created by the session earlier with 
> ...node1, than You will see the same values after fail over with 
> ...node2.  A new session would not know about them.
> To verify it You can use the supplied SessionExmaple webapp.

OK, trying that.

So, using an example webapp (see:

(which just uses session.getID() )

...should it return *just* the session ID part, or the concatenation of 
the session ID and the jvmRoute?

Here's what I see:

Before failover:
This is the session id FEBA6A8127A69079C79B7A641158CE20.itchy
This is an existing session

After failover:
This is the session id FEBA6A8127A69079C79B7A641158CE20.scratchy
This is an existing session


Roy McMorran
Systems Administrator
MDI Biological Laboratory

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