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From Roy McMorran <>
Subject Re: Session Replication in Cluster
Date Fri, 03 Apr 2009 19:31:46 GMT
Mark Thomas wrote:
> Roy McMorran wrote:
>> Is it the expected behavior then, that the 2nd part of the session ID
>> changes after a failover, and a new cookie is set?
> Yes

OK, please bear with me here, I may be just showing my ignorance with 
respect to Tomcat and web applications in general, but...

If the session ID changes from "ABC123.node1" to "ABC123.node2", then 
you will start a new session at the browser.
If you are going to establish a new session anyway, why bother 
replicating the first part of the session ID at all?


Roy McMorran
Systems Administrator
MDI Biological Laboratory

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