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From Phillip Pi <>
Subject Re: Newbie Question with Apache Tomcat v6.0.18 in Windows XP SP2.
Date Tue, 07 Apr 2009 21:10:39 GMT
> >>>I was asked to set up a Tomcat's proxy server in Windows (using XP SP2). 
> >>Question 1: What is "Tomcat's proxy server"?
> >
> >Apache Tomcat to act like a proxy server so other PCs, on the LAN, can
> >go through it to access the Internet. Is this not a correct way to set
> >up?
> What you want is probably Apache httpd, not Apache Tomcat.
> And in httpd, look up "forward proxy" in
> >I thought Apache Tomcat already includes Apache.
> That is probably what got you confused.
> "Apache" is a generic name for many different software projects.
> (check, the list below "Projects").
> One of them is "Apache HTTP Server" (which is generally what people mean 
> by "Apache" or "Apache webserver"). Another one is "Apache Tomcat" (or 
> "Tomcat" for short), which is a java servlet engine (container?).
> They are two different things, which /can/ work together, but also 
> separately.

Thanks. Let me share this with my boss to see what she says. Maybe she 
did get confused.
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