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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: [OT] Tomcat for Dummies
Date Fri, 13 Mar 2009 17:25:41 GMT
Christopher Schultz wrote:
 > Oh, sorry.
As you certainly surmised, I wasn't being serious, and was in fact 
fishing for some reaction.

> Perl is a "write-only" language
> (meaning that nobody can ever read a perl script after the fact).

I like that one.
Let me offer another one, popular in perl geek circles :
A bad programmer can write assembly-language programs in any language.

(Although the audience for that one is more limited these days, when 
most active programmers probably never saw an assembly-language program 
in their professional life).

That's the most frequent reproach addressed to perl, but it does not 
have to be that way, and it is most frequently made by people who do not 
know their perl from their haskell, and are easily confused and thrown 
into convulsions by the mere appearence of a $scalar, an @array or a %hash.

But for instance the following kind of snippet, while undoubtedly 
looking simple and elegant to any confirmed Java servlet programmer, in 
the eyes of this beholder is not any better :

   this.writer = new PrintWriter( new OutputStreamWriter( new 
CapturedServletOutputStream( new ByteArrayOutputStream())));

Admittedly, it doesn't contain and cryptic sign, but it merely displaces 
the problem : the Java part of it is minimal and easy; but for someone 
like me, it means going to dig into at least 25 pages of Javadocs to 
figure out what these things do, what kind of parameters they take, and 
how they relate to eachother. And I omitted the try/catch block around 
it to save space.

In the eyes of the beholder, thus..
Basically, being a Java programmer is not a matter of learning the Java 
language; that part is easy.  But it's a matter of knowing your classes, 
and that to me takes an incredible amount of time before you can start 
being productive. I have the impression that one can only become really 
proficient in one particular area of the class hierarchy, so long is the 
ramp-up period.  That's a serious comment by the way, and I am curious 
to know if a proficient Java programmer feels that way too.

I'm working in a very small company, doing a lot of different things to 
satisfy a wide range of customers.  So I tend to flit from one area to 
the other, without really ever having the chance (not admittedly the 
desire) to become really an expert at any of them.  That's why perl 
suits me fine, because it covers a lot of areas without requiring years 
of study.

I have to admit
> that I hate the addition of objects to Perl.
Yeah, but perl OO is fun just /because/ you can poke holes in it.
You are never forced to use it.  Many CPAN modules even provide both an 
OO and a non-OO interface, so again you can use the one or the other 
according to what's expedient for the current task.

> Yeah... nobody ever got into trouble writing a Java webapp :)
I must admit there's truth to that.  Despite my abysmal Java and Tomcat 
knowledge, I haven't managed to really take down a Tomcat yet.  Except 
with system.exit(), but that's cheating (and can be prevented, as 
pointed out earlier) (ok, you can probably manage to trigger the OOM 
gnome).  With mod_perl, it's easier to take down an Apache child or the 
whole thing.

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