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From "Rainer Frey (Inxmail GmbH)" <>
Subject [OT] Re: Vmware Server 2 web interface uses tomcat but hogs 8005 and 8009
Date Tue, 17 Mar 2009 15:06:38 GMT
On Tuesday 17 March 2009 15:44:19 Alan Chaney wrote:
> >> What do you mean with "the other end"? I use VMWare Server 2 on Ubuntu
> >> (original tar.gz install from, also found that it blocks the
> >> said ports, and simply changed the server.xml of the VMWare Tomcat.
> And how did the client find it? If I missed how to do it, I apologize
> for wasting everybody's time but there is no mention in the docs, I
> could find nothing on Google and my experiments indicated that you need
> to change both client and server and I could only find the server
> configuration.
> > He still wants the web manager to work, and the /client/ expects to
> > connect on a certain port. If you change VMWare's server-side ports, the
> > client can no longer connect.

Again: what "client" or "web manager"? And what "it"? The only client I know 
is my web browser. It connects to the HTTP or HTTPS connector port. 

I still can't see what would fail after changing the tomcat shutdown port, and 
the AJP connector port. I couldn't find anything that uses the AJP connector, 
so one could probably even disable the AJP connector.

If you want help on that (which might be considered off-topic here), please 
answer this question, and also the question how you installed VMWare server.

> Correct. I still don't understand why Vmware didn't make this configurable.

Well, one can configure the tomcat for the web access like any other tomcat. 
The tomcat installation is difficut to find though and changes might be 
overwritten by an update.  Apart from that, I don't understand what keeps you 
from configuring it.


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