Sorry for not being clear.
We install Tomcat along with our product on a Linux server.  After it is running we want to find out the IP address that Tomcat is using.  If the server has multiple Ethernet interfaces, we cannot determine which IP is the one that is used by Tomcat.   For example, when I use a different web server, it will give me a list of all interfaces that are on the server and tell me the one that it is currently using (see attachment).

I am hoping that some Tomcat conf file has this or some command that I can run from within our Java application can give me this IP address.
Thanks again for your help!

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> Thanka, but if I have multiple interfaces on the server, how
> do I know which interface to you from the ifconfig output?

Not sure what you're asking for.  Do you have a Tomcat that's already running, and you want to know which IP addresses it's using, or do you want to know how to configure Tomcat to use a specific IP address?

Note that Tomcat normally listens on, which means it will accept connections on all IP address configured on the system.

- Chuck

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