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From Gregor Schneider <>
Subject Re: Tomcat Realm Auto-Relogin after Session-Timeout Problem
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2009 16:35:35 GMT
On Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 4:43 PM, lynckmeister <> wrote:
> Hi Gregor,
> I didnt get it. Your writing a peace of code wich lets me custmize the url
> or page wich is called if a sessiontimeout occurs?

What the Valve does, ist the following:

If a session times out, usually nothing is happening.
However, when requesting some content of the protected site *after*
the session times out, Tomcat usually does the following:

- store the original request
- call the defined-login-screen via j_security
- if authentication is ok, procede to the url contained in the original request

It's obvious that there are some scenarios where this behaviour is
causing problems, i.e. url-selections via a javascript-menue, framed
sites etc.

However, when using the valve, you can specify the url to which should
be forwarded *after* positive authentication, i.e. "index.html".

Therefore, I figure that such a valve might be a perfect solution for
your problem.


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