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From Gregor Schneider <>
Subject Re: Display URL without port
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2009 10:54:09 GMT

I presume that both Apache HTTPD and Tomcat are located on the same machine?

Note that the default port for HTTP-protocol is port 80.
As I've written in one of my previous posts, only one application can
be bound to a port, meaning when Apache HTTPD and Tomcat are both
located on the same machine, they will listen on different ports.

Since it's a common practice that Apache listens on port 80, it's also
a common practice that Tomcat listens on port 8080 or, as in your
case, on port 10080.

If you want Apache HTTPD to forward a request to Tomcat transparently
for the user, one common solution is to use the AJP-connector as has
been discussed here on the list quite frequently.

I suggest you point your browser to which
explains the how-to in detail.


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