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From Dave Pawson <>
Subject Re: servlet use. TC6, FC10
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2009 16:38:15 GMT
2009/2/5 Caldarale, Charles R <>:
>> From: Dave Pawson []
>> Subject: Re: servlet use. TC6, FC10
>> Thanks Chaz. Now works.
> That was Gregor, not me, that gave you the answer.  (Our corporate e-mail server hasn't
passed your previous message through yet - must be a Homeland Security thing. :-)

I'm sure Obama will fix that :-)
Sorry Gregor. And many thanks.

>> Are you going to tell me why please?
> Servlet mappings are relative to the context (webapp) part of the URL, not the host part.
 That allows the webapp to be deployed under any name you want without changing the web.xml

Just testing my understanding.
Not relative to ../webapp but relative to (in this case) .../webapps/atom
hence I should use the url path relative to http://localhost:8080/atom
which, as you say is /*

So that my code would pick up http://localhost:8080/atom/AlmostAnything

Thanks. That makes sense.... and helps (I think)
When I deploy (upload) to my web visible server, the web.xml file will
remain the same!

I'm going to write this up. I'll post to this list and would appreciate
any feedback.

I want to start looking at restricting access now, but I'll start a
new thread for that!

Many thanks gents.



Dave Pawson
Docbook FAQ.

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