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From Peter Crowther <>
Subject RE: [OT] [Tomcat] [daemon] java.lang.OutOfMemoryError unable to create new native thread
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2009 10:11:14 GMT
> From: André Warnier []
> "X" is not something I use regularly, so when
> Chris mentioned X, I thought he was talking about the secondary
> connection/port that the JVM/Jconsole agree on, not about
> X-terminal and so.
> So thanks for the tip, but could you expand even more ?
> I realise this isn't really a Tomcat matter, but maybe this can help
> someone else in a similar situation.
> At which level would X11 kick in ?

It ships the stream of commands to display JConsole on your local desktop.  Rough sequence
of events:

- Start an X11 server on your workstation.  Find out its DISPLAY variable.
- If using PuTTY, tell it about your X11 DISPLAY variable.  It can't guess!
- Use ssh/PuTTY with X11 tunnelling enabled to remote to your Tomcat host.
- echo $DISPLAY to make sure it's come across OK.
- Start Jconsole on the Tomcat host.  It will display on your local desktop, via the ssh tunnel.

The network part of this is no more complex than you already have.

> Layout is as follows :
> Office A :
> workstation (me) --> firewall/router -> internet modem --> internet
> Office B :
> internet -> internet modem -> firewall/router -> Tomcat host
> There is no VPN setup between A and B.
> My workstation is a Windows laptop. I don't presently have an
> X emulator
> on it. It has Java JDK 6, an SSH terminal-like program
> (putty), WinSCP,
> etc..  I'd rather avoid installing Cygwin on the laptop, because it
> interferes with other Unix-like things I have on it.

OK.  If you don't want to put Cygwin on - which is certainly the easiest+cheapest way of getting
an X11 display on your laptop - then you still have options.  You could, for example, install
something like VMware (Server is free, which would be plenty for this job).  You could then
run, say, Ubuntu on the VM and ssh across from Ubuntu.

                - Peter

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