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From Sam Hokin <>
Subject Re: very slow class loading on initial JSP/servlet request after restart
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2009 17:43:43 GMT
Tim Funk wrote:
> While I am late to this ... Is this an accurate summary?
> - Slow re-load on a server
> - Server is a production server
> - Other servers are OK so it can only be reproduced on production server
> - Initial looks at network seem to be no network activity
> - There seems to be a hint at File.exists() causing an issue
> - The wisdom of the crowds is pointing to disk issue

Yes, Tim, that's pretty accurate.

> Would it be possible to copy the tomcat installation and webapp to 
> another disk (or new directory) on the same machine and then run the 
> copy on an alternate port? If it "fails" like it does on the lower port 
> - you have a better sandbox for debugging. If not ... you have a new 
> interesting data point in the debug process.

That's a good suggestion, I'll do so.  I've been a bit concerned about running a second Tomcat
instance on this 
production server since I've been having so much trouble with it, but if a second instance
is a problem, I'll just turn 
it off.  It's probably better to leave the production instance alone, actually.  I have changed
JVM versions, Tomcat 
versions, etc. over the course of this issue, by the way.

> Last oddball question - even though this is a Linux server, is there any 
> virus scanning software running?


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