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From David Smith <>
Subject Re: not using the port number in the address???
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2009 14:46:13 GMT
nicumarius wrote:
> David Smith-2 wrote:
>> Bind your server to port 80.
>> nicumarius wrote:
>>> what should I do to not use port number when writting the address of a
>>> page
>>> on the Apache server?
>> --David
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> I have others applications on port 80 and 8080

Well.. as they say on Mythbusters, "There's your problem".  As I see it,
you have two choices:

1. Proxy your app through one of the existing apps that is bound to port
80 using either standard reverse proxy or mod_jk (assuming the app on 80
is Httpd or IIS).

2. Reconfigure the existing apps to bind to a specific IP and port,
leaving one combination of IP and port 80 available for this one.

Since you haven't let us know anything about your server setup, we can
only suggest very general things.  Port 80 is the well known port for
HTTP protocol and the one your browser assumes when you don't type it in
the address bar.  There's no way I know of  to make it behave differently.


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