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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: Apache -> Tomcat connection problem
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2009 00:40:00 GMT
On 24.02.2009 23:31, Daryl Stultz wrote:
>>   Tomcat AJP connector defaults to 200 for maxThreads. The site has 20
>> Defaults? I think no, and you haven't configured 200 in your abive config
>> snippet.
> See Christopher's response. Do you know of the implementation being
> different than the docs?

No, he's right, but the sizing of the thread pool is so important that I 
wouldn't only rely on the default. You always have to remember that and 
it might change during upgrading or when switching to a different 
connector implementation.

>> First check, whether it is really ESTABISHED connections. Then configure
>> reasonable timeouts as described in the mod_proxy documentation and an
>> additional connectionTimeout for Tomcat.
> This is the part where expert advice comes in. I don't have any idea what
> "reasonable timeouts" are and the docs don't give a decent way to calculate
> it.

My personal opinion:

min  	Default 0 is fine.

max 	Default 1 is fine for prefork MPM (single threaded)

smax 	Either 0 or 1. I would say 0 in order to get rid of idle connections.

acquire Should be irrelevant for prefork.

connectiontimeout E.g. 5 or 10

ping 	I would activate this with a value of e.g. 10 (seconds)

ttl 	E.g. 600 (seconds). You should then set connectionTimeout on your 
Tomcat connector to 600000 (milliseconds).

timeout Setting a timeout generally would make things more robust, but 
you need to make sure, that nothing in your webapp responds slower than 
this value (seconds).



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