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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: very slow class loading on initial JSP/servlet request after restart
Date Thu, 19 Feb 2009 23:45:16 GMT
Sam Hokin wrote:
Not being a Tomcat or Java specialist at all, but this being fairly late 
in the day, I am piqued by your nicely told story and just trying to 
imagine what could be the cause of the issue you describe.  We Belgians, 
like Hercule Poirot, have a knack for such things.
Considering that it happens only on the quad-core machine, and with 
various versions of Java and Tomcat, my guess would be that something in 
your classes is either so attractive (or so repulsive) that the 4 cores 
are fighting between them about who will get it first, or at the 
contrary who will be stuck with it.  Since by construction these cores 
are very similar in performance, it takes a long time for the matter to 
be decided, which explains the initial delay. Now once the matter is 
settled, there is no longer any discussion and thus also no further delays.
That seems to me consistent with the circumstances and conditions you 
The fact that it started happening just before Christmas also leads me 
to speculate that it must have something to do with reindeers, or 
perhaps with chocolate.


In order not to make this a totally useless post, I'll also speculate 
more seriously, but still from a position of knowing little about Java 
or Tomcat, or multi-core machines.
What happens after compilation, and at the first usage of a webapp, and 
not later on ?  Perhaps some "init" function being called. And maybe, in 
such an init function, there is something that causes multiple cores to 
be in contention for some resource.
Not much better than the above, I know. Sigh.

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