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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: AJP13 Connector and JKOptions
Date Thu, 19 Feb 2009 19:02:32 GMT
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On 2/19/2009 12:31 PM, Pete Helgren wrote:
> My servlet uses templates that are relative to the webapps/<context>
> folder.  I don't tell the template anything more than this:
>    <td valign="top" class="body12"><img src="images/bg_hdr_logo.gif"
> width="254" height="115" border="0"></td>

You should be telling it something like this (shown in JSP-speak)

<img src="<%= request.getContextPath() %><%=
response.encodeURL("/images/bg_hdr_logo.gif") %>" ...


1. The use of request.getContextPath
2. The use of response.encodeURL to add ";jsessionid=..." if necessary
3. The leading / on your image's URL

This technique will always work, which is why you should always use it.

> The images are in the webapps/<context>/images folder and the  templates
> are in the webapps/<context>/templates folder.  Is seems to me that if I
> change it to pre-append an /ASAAP in front of all of my image
> references, it will break the application.

You're right, because blindly appending /ASAAP to all your URLs means
that you can't easily rename the context (or put it in ROOT). Using the
dynamic technique above will make it work no matter where you put it.

> Since this servlet deploys correctly in another Apache/Tomcat
> environment I can only assume it is a configuration issue, not a problem
> with the application itself.

Successful deployment does not guarantee that the application isn't broken.

> There was a suggestion to use /* for the JKMount entry but that seems
> like all web requests would be routed to the servlet with that directive
> and therefore the PHP and other web applications served by Apache would
> fail.

You want to map this:

JkMount /contextName/* worker

... if you just want to be done with it. If you want to use Apache for
static content, you'll have to be more gentle with your mappings. Say,
something like this:

JkMount /contextName/*.jsp worker
JkMount /contextName/*/j_security_check worker
JkMount /contextName/*.do worker
JkMount /contextName/*.action worker
JkMount /contextName/*.whatever worker

> I will keep your recommendation in mind but I think I'll rather change
> the configuration to one that works rather than have to change the
> application itself.

This problem is likely to plague you wherever you go unless you fix this
problem. If it's working when deployed to a context /other/ than ROOT,
then don't deploy it to ROOT.

The real problem is that you can't alias / to more than one thing at a
time. Since /images (to httpd) points to your DocumentRoot (not your
webapp's root), it can't find your stuff. The reason it works when you
deploy your application to a non-ROOT context is because your JkMount
setup forwards /all/ requests to Tomcat for /contextName, and Tomcat
knows where the webapp's root is.

This is not a configuration problem. This is a misunderstanding of the
relationship between httpd and Tomcat, and an oversight in the way you
(don't) dynamically generate resource URIs in your web application.

- -chris

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