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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Apache/mod_jk serves random files from tomcat
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2009 18:45:20 GMT
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On 2/17/2009 1:48 PM, Yuval Perlov wrote:
> Is APR part of tomcat or apache [httpd]?

APR is the Apache Portable Runtime. Technically, it's its own beast and
is used by both httpd and Tomcat (optionally).

> If I am running on linux and have no
> .so files in my tomcat directory does that mean I have no APR installed?

The Tomcat directory isn't the only place .so files could be located.
Anywhere in the java.library.path is possible.

If you have an AprLifecycleListener configured in your server.xml, then
you are attempting to use APR. If you get a message in catalina.out on
startup that says something like "APR Configured" or "APR library not
found" then you have your answer.

> On a more positive note, we switched to proxy_http (after making the
> necessary code changes) and everything works now - no more mixed content.
> Of course we lost a lot of necessary functionality:
> 1. request.isSecure() doesn't work

You can always use https :)

> 2. we don't know the server name we are hit with (since it is "hard
> coded" in httpd.conf)

This should be an option in mod_proxy. Is it not? ProxyPreserveHost?

> 3. we have no access to the source IP (for geo location)

Why not use mod_headers to convert the original IP address into an
X-Original-IP header. Better yet, use the X-Forwarded-For header that
should be set by default by mod_proxy.

> BTW - Am I the only one that is seriously worried that this kind of
> problem can even exist on a platform of this maturity?

Which problem? The "swapping-responses" problem or everything else
you've outlined about your inadequate configuration?

- -chris
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