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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: [OT] of the different methods to get a user-id
Date Tue, 17 Feb 2009 14:45:09 GMT
Just in case it was missed in the subsequent conflagration (and I always 
marvel at how easy it is to start a conflagration by saying something 
like "language X is better than language Y"), I would just like to state 
that my blurb was meant to be taken lightly, with ;-) and so on.

Comparing programming languages is a lot like comparing Microsoft 
software to Open Source, or comparing car brands, or (in my younger 
times) comparing stereo brands, etc..

One more thing I would like to add however to all the Java crazies 
around here, at least the open-minded subset of them : perl is fun.  I 
am not saying that it is the ideal language to develop a large 
application with a team of people, and I am not saying that it is faster 
or better or uses less memory or any of these things (though it does, 
really).  But it is, definitely, more /fun/ than Java.  And you can do 
serious things with it too.

And a serious tip : if you are ever in the situation of having to start 
a new project on some theme you know nothing about (say, credit card 
payments, or talking to Amazon, or filtering emails, or reading 
meta-data in photos, or stemming German words, or authenticating against 
OpenId,..), then you could do worse than first having a look at the Perl 
module library (, and perusing the perl 
modules documentation. Even if you know nothing of perl and don't want 
to know anything about it, the documentation of these (hundreds of) 
modules, all in one place and searchable, is one of the best sources of 
information I know.  It is like a Wikipedia of everything one can do 
with software.

And if in addition to be a Java fan, you're also an OO fan, search for 
"class".  Don't the names just sound like fun ?

Is there, by the way, any comparable source for Java libraries ?

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