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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Please help with setting up a tomcat configuration in production...
Date Sun, 15 Feb 2009 17:27:58 GMT
Julien Martin wrote:
> I now get a 404 tomcat error.
> Any one could please help?
We're trying.  But you are not making it easy, by making several changes 
at once and then not telling us about it until it is too late.

First, you have already modified the standard Tomcat configuration, by 
making that second Host the default one (in <Engine>).  You should 
probably not do that, or not yet.

Second, before you create a second Host with a name like 
"", is that name a real DNS name, that resolves to 
the IP address of your physical Tomcat host ?
Because if it isn't the case, then it will not work, no matter what else.

Third, you should probably *not* have a <Context> element in your 

Although this is explained in the on-line documentation, and has been 
explained many times before in this forum (and these previous 
explanations are available on-line, and searchable), let me give you a 
quick overview :

- the appBase attribute of your Host element tells Tomcat, /for this 
Host/, where the applications can normally be found.
By default, this is the "webapps" directory under the main Tomcat 
installation directory (or more exactly, under the CATALINA_BASE directory).
- you can change the above by creating a specific Context element for 
your webapp, but you should only do that if there is no other way 
(because it is confusing).  And if you create such a Context element, 
you should not put it in the server.xml file.  It goes somewhere else, 
which I will tell you another time.
- a webapp can consist either of the "developed" directory structure of 
your webapp, with the top directory (e.g. CATALINA_BASE/webapps/abc if 
your application is called "abc"), a WEB-INF subdirectory, the class 
files or jars, etc.., OR of a single "war" file containing everything 
and named "abc.war".
- if it is a war file "abc.war", the simple fact of dropping it in the 
"webapps" directory will make it so that Tomcat will notice it, and 
"deploy" it as the application named "abc".
You should then be able to access this application by entering the URL : 
- if you want your application to be the /default/ application for that 
Host (in other words, the one that is called when the user enters 
"http://myhostname/"), then you should name your application "ROOT" 
(exactly like that, in capitals), and place it under the "webapps" 
directory of that Host.
If it is a war file, then it should be named ROOT.war (also exactly).

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