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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Please help with setting up a tomcat configuration in production...
Date Sun, 15 Feb 2009 16:22:31 GMT
Julien Martin wrote:

It will probably be useful for anyone wanting to help you, to know which 
version of Tomcat you are talking about.
Also on which platform, athough one can kind of guess that.
But it's time-consuming and error-prone to have to make guesses.

With my limited knowledge and until a real expert steps in, I'll tell 
you that your guess about the origin of the problem is probably correct.
You should not have that <Context> element in the server.xml file.
At best, it means that you cannot reload your application without having 
to restart Tomcat.
Just remove it.
You already have an "appBase" in the Host element, so Tomcat knows where 
to look for applications for that Host.
If you just name your war file "", and drop in 
the directory that is the Host appBase, it will probably work, right out 
of the box.
Why don't you try that, and make another post with all the details if it 
does not work ?

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