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From Juha Laiho <>
Subject Re: Tomcat unexpectedly shuts down
Date Fri, 13 Feb 2009 18:54:13 GMT
Adlane ACHAB wrote:
> hi, below is my tomcat config
> Tomcat VersionJVM VersionJVM VendorOS NameOS VersionOS ArchitectureApache
> Tomcat/ Microsystems Inc.Linux2.6.23.12i386
> Essentially what happens is this:
> The server is running along fine, and then all of a sudden, for no apparent
> reason that we can find, the server shuts down. The timing does not seem to
> coincide with any stack trace.
> Just Tomcat service terminated unexpectedly.

I did see something like this, quite some time ago. Details differ a lot;
the env was Tomcat 4.something, running on Solaris. However the symptoms
did match: the Tomcat process just disappeared.

What did help in our case was to wrap the startup in another layer of scripts
which did redirect all the standard file descriptors to/from specified files
(or /dev/null in case of standard input), and additionally start tomcat under
"nohup" (protected from session hangup signal).

What we suppose did happen:
- admin started the tomcat (on a shell session)
- the shell session was forgotten open, and the corresponding TCP
  connection later timed out at firewall
- at some point some piece of code attempted to write to System.out
  or System.err, or read from
- this activity caused the machine TCP layer to notice that the TCP
  connection was not valid any longer, and so the shell from which
  Tomcat was started (and the Tomcat process, too) did get a hangup
  signal, causing both the shell and Tomcat to just stop and exit

We could never positively prove the above, but that would suit the symptoms,
and also the above would be something for which our cure would be effective.

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