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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Apache/mod_jk serves random files from tomcat
Date Thu, 12 Feb 2009 22:44:43 GMT
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On 2/12/2009 3:12 AM, Yuval Perlov wrote:
> I actually upgraded from mod_jk 1.2.26 to 27 to try and make the problem
> go away.

Ha! Okay. Sorry for a bad tip. ;)

So, I'm definitely not going to be able to help you from here on out,
but I know that folks like Rainer and Mladen could use some more
information, so I'll go ahead and ask for some.

> The mixup occurs only in tomcat originated data - the static stuff
> coming from httpd stays fine.

Good to know.

> Moreover, in the past I had it setup so the static stuff came from
> tomcat as well. This naturally resulted in significantly more hits
> between apache and tomcat which made the problem appear much faster
> (hence my theory that some resource is being depleted over time).

Is this something you can reproduce reliably in a test environment? Does
it require heavy load in order for this behavior to manifest itself? Or,
is it just after 5M requests everything goes to hell? I'm wondering if
concurrency is the problem or maybe something silly like logging or
maintaining worker status that somehow corrupts something.

It's very odd that responses would be crossed. I don't think any of that
stuff is shared between threads/processes in mod_jk/httpd, but I suppose
when you overwrite memory (which is the only explanation I can think
of), you can't really expect the program to operate properly.

Oh, are you using worker or prefork MPM?

- -chris
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