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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Hello
Date Thu, 12 Feb 2009 21:15:04 GMT
Okey Kene wrote:
> Hi, 
> Am using windows vista and i wish to know what version of apache tomcat to download.
Smartass answer :
You can download any version you like, using IE or Firefox.

Less smartass :
If you intend to also run Tomcat under Vista :

(and as a redemption for the above)

Tomcat itself, since it runs under a Java JVM, is always the same.
The Java JVM you need however will be different depending if you run a 
32-bit or 64-bit version of Vista (or XP).
Vista 32-bit -> 32-bit Java JDK or JRE
Vista 64-bit -> 64-bit Java JDK or JRE

Then for Tomcat 6, there is a choice between 2 downloads : the "zip" and 
the "service installer".

The following may save you some time if you use a 64-bit Vista :

For a 64-bit Vista, we first tried the Service Installer. It installed 
properly, but we could not get it to run. (But Chuck earlier indicated 
that his experience was different).

So we removed the 64-bit Service Installer, and downloaded and installed 
the zip version. That one ran fine in a command window.

To make that one run as a service, you need to execute the "(tomcat 
dir)/bin/service.bat" script.  We did that, and it did not complain, but 
when we tried to run Tomcat, it did not start.
There was a message in one of the Tomcat logfiles to the effect that 
"This is not a proper 32-bit application".

To make it work, we had to download 2 additional files (tomcat5.exe and 
tomcat5w.exe), rename them respectively to tomcat6.exe and tomcat6w.exe, 
and (I think) rerun the service.bat script.

We downloaded them from here :

Oh, and there are 2 versions of each of the above files, depending on 
whether your CPU is an Intel-64 or an AMD-64.
(I think there is only one 32-bit version).

I hope I haven't confused you beyond redemption.

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