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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Problems with Tomcat as service on Windows Server 2003
Date Thu, 12 Feb 2009 00:00:14 GMT
monesseldeur wrote:

Ok, stop banging your head for a moment, get a cup of coffee, relax, and 
let's do this systematically.  The wisdom is in the lotus.

I am no great Tomcat expert, but there are some practical things I know 
about running services under Windows.

First, have a look at the Windows Event logs, just in case there is some 
message there that you missed.
None ? Sure ?
Then let's continue.

Second, unless you check a particular checkbox in your service, a 
service does not have access to the desktop, so if you try to run a 
graphic program as a test (Notepad, Calculator etc.. like you did), from 
a program running as a service, you will not see anything.
The same if the program in question requires a keyboard input, or pops 
up a message dialog.

Try a little bat file like you did, which just writes to a file in 
c:/temp. Or make your command in Java one that does only that, like
echo "it works !" > c:/temp/itworks.txt
(quote this appropriately)

Does that work ?

Next, the "LocalSystem" user, which is normally selected by default when 
you install a service, does not have access at all to any Windows 
network functions. It cannot access network drives, printers etc..  With 
other users, your mileage may vary. If your station is part of a domain, 
you will need to use a domain user to be able to do these things.  And 
the domain user must be one that has access to whatever resource you are 
trying to use.  As Chuck said, if the user can print but not access the 
network resource you are trying to access, you're not going to get 
anywhere. (But you should have gotten an error in the Event log).

One other possible case is that your background program, because it is 
the first time it runs under that user, is popping up his initial 
"registration dialog" or "welcome new user popup screen". Know what I mean ?
Well, without a console, it will be waiting forever for you to click the 
welcome message away.
If it is anything like that, login as the user under which Tomcat should 
run, start the program first on the console, click all those annoying 
messages and tell them to never come back. Then close the program and 
call it up again, to make sure they don't.  Loop as long as necessary.
Then try again from your service.

None of the above is specific to Tomcat by the way.  It's the same for 
any program running as a Windows Service.
I have never tried this with Java and/or Tomcat, but I have plenty of 
programs which run as Windows services and access network resources fine.

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