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From André Warnier>
Subject Windows Domain authentication with Vista (and Tomcat)
Date Sat, 07 Feb 2009 16:23:33 GMT

I have an issue with Windows Domain authentication, Vista and (probably) 
NTLMv2.  It is under Tomcat too. ;-)
I was browsing Google and the various lists at, and happened 
to find what looks like a promising link as follows :

This would seem to indicate that there is something going on at the 
Tomcat level about NTLM/AD authentication.  But I have no clue about how 
to follow the above.. clue.

Basically, I'm picking at straws and trying to gather information and 
find someone, or some place, which can provide more.
Can anyone provide ideas as to where I should go, whom to get in touch 
with, anything ?

Thanks in advance.

Short description : For a Tomcat application, I use an 
authentication/SSO mechanism partly composed of jCIFS (, 
partly self-built.  It has worked nicely so far, but appears to have 
problems at one customer, with Vista workstations recently introduced.
I'm trying to solve this.
The application also uses Apache httpd 2.2, and I could do the 
authentication either there or at the Tomcat level. At this problem 
site, both Apache and Tomcat run on the same Windows 2003 host.

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