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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: mod_jk
Date Fri, 06 Feb 2009 17:30:50 GMT
On 06.02.2009 18:23, André Warnier wrote:
> wrote:
>>> 1) As far as I know, no, mod_jk does not read
>>> dynamically.
>>> 2) Yes and no, it will not send a request unless communication has
>> been
>>> established with the worker, it may happen that the worker fails, or
>>> someone shut it down. Depending on how you configure the workers and
>>> the
>>> number of workers, it can retry the request and/or try a different
>>> worker. Mod_jk will mark the worker on error when it does not respond,
>>> and it will try again after a configurable time -but it tries again
>>> with
>>> an actual request-.
>> It would be really nice if you could test availability of a node with a
>> configurable request instead of a live production request... (hint,
>> hint)
> Isn't that what "ping" is about ?

Ping tests, whether there is something able to still process AJP on the 
other side of the connection. A configurable request would be able to 
talk to the application, so one could detect, whether it is still 
deployed, and if the request would be handled by an intelligent servlet 
it could respond with some sort of application layer health status.

Worth filing an enhancement request, since Mladen put the Watchdog 
thread into 1.2.27, we can easily add more logic of that type.



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