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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: tomcat including files from apache
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2009 07:56:22 GMT
H. Hall wrote:
> chuckvb wrote:
>> I have a basic configuration working where Apache serves my static 
>> html and
>> tomcat provides my dynamic data.  Using Apache2 on linux with TomCat 6 
>> and
>> mod_jk.
>> How do I include header files and other files from apache for my 
>> tomcat jsp files.  right now I use <%@ include file="/header.html"%> 
>> but the header.html file must be in my tomcat directory.  I would like 
>> to pull that file from apache.  Tomcat will not accept <%@ include 
>> file=""%>   
> see:
I believe this last response is irrelevant to the OP's problem. He's 
already doing that.
The part to be included resides on another server, or at least in 
another document space to which Tomcat does not have access.

The point is that the "include" shoud be done at the Apache level, after 
the Tomcat part has done its bit and sent the result back to Apache.
At the Apache level, some kind of output filter should then process the 
include and insert what's missing, from the Apache-side document space.

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